Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!

Island trips are different from your normal trips. Glittering star of the night sky.
Being secluded in an island surrounded by sea on all sides feels surprisingly free. If you feel the same please keep in mind just 2 things.

Freshwater is very importance resource in Maemuldo. Make sure to fasten the faucet when you are not using water and please try using water less than you used to. 
There is no way to treat garbage in Maemuldo. Please take everything you brought to Maemuldo back.

Please save water before its too late!

- Freshwater is very importance resource in Maemuldo. It is necessary to know various ways to use water efficiently.

Water-saving method during dish washing

When cooking rice, make sure to save the water you used to wash rice and use it again when washing dishes. Used water from washing rice and vegetables can be saved depending on its level of cleanness

Dish Washing Tip

  1. First, soak and rinse all the dish in basin #1
  2. Apply a little bit of detergent into basin #2 and clean all the dishes
  3. Rinse all the dishes in basin #3
  4. Lastly, rinse all the dishes in basic #4 with clean water
basin #1,basin #2,basin #3

Water saving container! How to take shower in Maemuldo

In Maemuldo, every home is equipped with couple of big basins. Try taking shower using this basin rather than draining all the water

Shower Tip

  1. First, fill a basin with water just enough to soak your body
  2. Get inside the basin and pour water over your body without spilling water over the basin.
  3. Apply shampoo and soap
  4. From inside the basin, rinse as much as shampoo and soap off from your body
  5. Get out the basin and rinse one more time with clean water
  6. Using the used up water inside the basin, clean up any mess in the bathroom
  7. In this way, you can clean the bathroom as well as your body and feel refreshed

There is no way to treat garbage in Maemuldo. Please take back all wastes except for food waste and play a part in saving the ecology of Maemuldo