Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!

Artists in Maemuldo

Maemuldo Report

April 25th Evening at the resort pension in Soochaehwa Village of Mt. Jiri
April 26th Mr. Park Nam-jun's residence

Getting to know each other before Maemuldo trip. We became really good friends with a bottle of late night vodka

Heading for Mt. Jiri, our workshop location

Night fell. An landscape of villages from Mt. Jiri at night

Three writers having drinks. From right to left, Mr. Park Nam-jun, Mr. Lee Won-gyu, and Mr. Han Chang-hoon

Mr. Lee Won-gyu and Mr. Park Nam-jun having a good time

Presentation session along with a sweet tea time at Mr. Park Nam-jun's place. Hearing all sorts of interesting stories about Maemuldo Mr. Park Nam-jun packing an important partner of a trip, guitar People really getting ready for a trip

April 26th Geoje Jeogu Harbor ~ Danggeum Village dock. Looking around Danggeum Village

Three writers finally arrived at Geoje Daepo Harbor! Due to a wind & wave advisory, the writers plan to approach the village diagonally. In Taeyangho that sails well in strong winds, the writers sat closely to each other and began chattering about all sort of stories. Someone said how it feels like being in a smugglers ship and another said how a women who weds and enters an island after having a terrible experience with a heavy sea never attempts to go back to the mainland.

Taeyangho sailing in heavy wind!

Captain Yoo Do-man who took the risk for us

On a ship heading towards the village

Mr. Lee Won-gyu and Mr. Han Chang-hoon talking endlessly about wind & wave advisory in a cramped space

Day 1 at Danggeum Village, Looking around the village with the writers, A school that has been educating children for 43 years, Walking along the Mongdol beach, Taking a look at the small, community store where people talk and gossip about their everyday lives.

Actual Maemuldo Tour Begins! Three writers enjoying Maemuldo in their own style!

April 27th Morning Mr. Park Nam-jun making his special bibimbap with wild medicinal herbs and vegetables

Rare, wild chives picked

Writers looking eagerly for edible vegetables

Picking out fresh vegetables to make a delicious meal

Mr. Park Nam-jun living amongst the beautiful trees and flowers on Mr. Jiri! Mr. Park Nam-jun who cherishes every moment in nature, telling us about all kinds of herbs, flowers and tree and getting ready to treat us with delicious bibimbap made by his own special recipe!

We have all the ingredients~

Mr. Park rinsing vegetables to get rid of dirt

Vegetables, gojujang paste and a drop of sesame oil! A perfect bibimbap is ready!

April 27th Evening
Mr. Han Chang-hoon teaches us to catch Pollicipes mitella(usually called geobuksohn-turtle's feet) and fishing on board

Turtle's feet stuck between rocks

Picking turtle's feet with normal knives

Mr. Han Chang-hoon telling us about a life in the island how gathering food requires all day's work

Lowering anchor to get ready for some fishing~

Mr. Han Chang-hoon identifies himself as a self-supporting fisherman. Born in Geomundo island, he always discusses the sea in some form or another in his works. His youth in the island and various life experiences told in a rough but honest words seems to reflect images of energy, wandering life and freedom that sea gives off. Catching Turtle's feet and fishing on one fine spring day.

Mr. Han Chang-hoon teaching us how to fish

Thanks to Mr. Han's lecture, we are doing quite well~

Alrealy a basket full of fish~ We've earned our dinner for the night!

Returning with satisfaction~

April 28th Morning
Mr. Lee Gyu-yeol, the head of Daehang Village joins us in old house tour

Beginning our old house tour by following Mr. Lee's guidance

Mr. Lee explaining how people made clay walls by mixing straws with mud

Old newspapers found in a old house, Mr. Han looking at newspapers that have been used as wallpaper

A cupboard that reflects a character of the home owner. The actual arrangemet of items in the cupboard shows how people live in an island.

The old traces of Maemuldo life still remains in Daehang Village. Clay walls made by mixing clay with straws, an old well site, rice fields, old farming tools and houses are full of sentiments. You can also see the old cupboards and furnaces where the old stories dwell in. Stories about Maemuldo told from Mr. Lee Gyu-han, the local fixture of Daehang Village.

A Kitchen where a furnace used to be in

Mr. Park Nam-jun looking inside the houses interestingly

April 28th Evening
Heading over to Somaemuldo, the sceneries of windy hills of Somaemuldo, the writers' sharing stories endlessly in one fine spring day

An old road in which the village people used to use in the past, the small trail running along Mr. Lee's wall with an orange drawing is the village road.

Heading towards the top of the windy hill!

Mr. Lee Won-gyu on top of the windy hill!

View of Lighthouse Island from the windy hill.

Three writers finally arrived at Maemuldo! The island was already full of tourists from all over the place so they left Lighthouse Island behind and headed towards Maemuldo's tracking course! The trail was a easy walk and after a while they reached the famous windy hill of the island.

Writers heading down to the village in strong winds

Writers taking a rest after coming down for the windy hill!

April 28th Evening...
Dinner time with the head of Somaemuldo village and Mr. Kim Jung-man, the owner of Hayan Sanjang(cabin)

Somaemuldo's night getting darker~~

Having a good time with the villagers as night gets darker

Mr. Lee Seok-jae, the head of Somaemuldo, talking about memories of his youth at the island!

Having a good time as if they are old friends~

Goragae, a cave where children used to wait for their diver moms. Writers and the people of Somaemuldo shared memories of their youths and as they emptied their drinks through the night, they became more close to each other. People reminiscing about the days when they were not allowed to swim in the sea without parents' permission.

Mr. Kim Jung-man looking very pleased ~

The small get-together came to an end with Mr. Park Nam-jun's guitar play

April 29th
Last morning at Somaemuldo! Walking around Somaemuldo's Lighthouse Island Writers visiting an old site where a school used to be

Stairs to Lighthouse Island

When the tide recedes, you can go over to Lighthouse Island by walking over Yeolmokgae

On a way to Lighthouse Island

Last morning at Somaemuldo, We walked over to Lighthouse Island where we didn't get to go the day before. The writers visited the site where Mr. Park Nam-jun set his tent in the past. The beauty of Maemuldo's scenery was worth seeing it again. The writers said their last goodbye to Maemuldo while looking thoroughly around the village again.

Dark sea and the lighthouse that brightened up the ways for the ships

An old site where a school used to be

Mr. Han looking carefully around the school