Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!

Origin of Maemuldo

Beautiful Island-Story of Maemuldo-
From old times, Maemulmo had a shape of a war horse. The island resembles an unsaddled horse and a resting general who has returned from a victorious battle. 
This is why the island was first called Mamido, Ma meaning horse and Mi meaning tail but because of the Gyeongsang-do dialect, the name was soon transformed to Maemido and finally over many years, the names became Maemuldo. People of 
Maemuldo believe that once the general have had his full rest and is ready to go on his next battle, a great figure will be born in this island. 

Maemuldo is indeed a beautiful island. It has beautiful natural landscapes and stories that have lasted for many years. Also, the beauty in which poets and musicians sang about and the painters captured still remains in Maemuldo.

Now, we are trying to make this beautiful island into an island where people long to come. Then this longing island will soon become an island where people would want to live on. How about visiting Maemuldo and finding what it has to offer.

In 2007, as part of Making a Better Place to Live inproject of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, 4 islands(Maemuldo, Cheongsando, Hongdo, Oeyundo) in the nation were selected to preserve the distinct landscapes, environment, history, cultural resources and to promote visits to these island. Maemuldo was selected as one of these islands. 
 From this project, Maemuldo began its own project called An Island We Wish to Visit-Maemuldo Project to promote visitors' interactions with the island's natural environment and the way people live in Maemuldo. The projects aims to help visitors understand how people communicate with each other and also with the nature and to help them to reflect on the concept of <Relationship> in our world. 
* One More Thing 
This project goes on from December 2009 to December 2011 and it consists of a hardware section responsible for basic infrastructures for the project, a software section in which distinct tourism contents and programs on the island is managed 
and a humanware section where the individual capacities and community-based efforts for sustaining community spirit is strengthened.

Looking back at the progress for 2010 Level 1

Hardware section

To improve the environment and facilities, halls and regional product shops of each village are being built or remodeled. Utilizing a closed-down school in Danggeum Village, various multi-purpose spaces and exhibition galleries are established and water waste, sewage pipes and water supply systems are strengthened to improve the living environments. Also, various functional facilities are under re-development for the safety of ships coming alongside the docks and also to provide the best first impression to visitors. Additionally, 5.2km of new tour trails and programs that provide experiences in natural beauties of Maemuldo.

Software section

In order to commercialize the great dish and food of Maemuldo, we have developed an organic dish called Fisherman's Meal after getting ideas from the people of island who used to catch and eat sea urchins and seaweeds in their ordinary lives. Also, we have begun celebrating Maemuldo Food Day by sharing newly developed dishes such as river oyster salad, Rice cooked with octopus and sea weed fusiforme, mulhow(cold spicy raw fish soup) with conch and etc. Also, Maemuldo's natural landscapes have been the major part of tour trails but to provide the fullest beauty of the island and as part of our Island of Arts Project, we plan to place a history-based sculpture on Janggunbong which is the symbol of Maemuldo.

Humanware section

We have specially designed and organized the trails, roads and lodges to reflect the most accurate lives and culture of Maemuldo people and decorated a water tank to emphasize the significance of water in Maemuldo. The people of Maemuldo have participated in various community courses and international tour trips to focus on how closed down schools, traditional lodges, natural environment such as rivers and streams and regional product shops are managed in various sites in Korea and other countries. Also, the people of Maemuldo is currently preparing a Maemuldo's Small Stores' and Community Festival-Home Coming Day' and many programs to help others in managing lodges.

Looking back at the progress for 2011 Level 2

Software section - Main body & Island Cultural Resources and Contents 1. Maemuldo Island cultural resources project 2. Maemuldo Heemang(hope) Project ? Community Business 3. Maemuldo festival(provisional title) 
Humanware section - Maemuldo Island of Arts Project Section  4. Maemuldo Island of Arts Project
Hardware section - Facilities improvements & Landscape Utilization Section 5. Designing and Developing Fishing Villages and Natural Sceneries

Maemuldo Island Cultural Resources and Contents

We are planning to promote Maemuldo not only by storytelling but also by culture-telling in which books, storytellers and various tour programs are made based on stories and tales of Maemuldo's distinct cultural and artistic resources.

Maemuldo Heemang Project-Community Business

As an extension of the project carried out in 2010 called Maemuldo's Small Stores', we plan implement agricultural & seafood production traceability system on special regional products to create job opportunities and better economy in Maemuldo. Also, we hope to establish a meaningful relationship through a supporters' association where members could receive Maemuldo's organic regional products with only small membership fee.

Maemuldo Festival(provisional title)

Dangje, a traditional ceremony held by each village will be restored and through Maemuldo Festival, we hope to have a time to thank the people of Maemuldo and all those who have given support and to wish the best of luck to everyone in the New Year.

Maemuldo Island of Arts Project

As a continuing project from 2010, we plan to install art works in various places of Maemuldo that has beautiful historical background and develop art tracking courses to provide visitors the best tour of Maemuldo through the Island of Arts Project'

Designing and Developing Fishing Villages and Natural Sceneries

For many years, people of Maemuldo have maintained the original form of housing and villages according to their values and surrounding nature and now, we plan to protect and restore these beautiful living environment by engaging in an aid project for lodges, villages and various facilities. Lastly, with the help of community and in hopes of reconfirming the true beauty of Maemuldo, we are planning to decorate and develop a closed down school and transform Maemuldo from an island we wish to visit' to an island we wish to live in'.