Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!


t has only been 200 years since the people began living in Maemuldo but the stories of people adapting to settle within the wild nature still lies in many parts of the island. The history of Maemuldo is passed through names of the places, folk tales, old customs, and traditional house structures and in all of these areas, we can find the intense and tough environment and the hardships the people had to overcome to find harmony in their lives. But unfortunately, these traces are slowly disappearing and forgotten due to decaying farming and fishing villages and aging populations.

History of the Island
1810 year     First settlement
1817 year     Village school built to educate people
1825 year     Entire first settlers wiped out due to famine and unidentified epidemic
1869 year    Second settlement
1930 year     Total of 30 households in Danggeum and Daehang
1934 year     The island is indicated as Maemido in the maps
1945 year     Japanese navy builds AA battery barracks
1950 year     Maemuldo Elementary School established
1962 year     Elementary school teachers from Daehang Village transfers to Danggeum
1976 year     Beginning of its own generating plant, Telephone branch established, enabling phone calls 
1977 year     First class common fishing license acquired
1985 year     First Dolphin as passenger ship(Tongyeong-Maemuldo)