Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!

Getting to know Maemuldo

picture of Maemuldo

Experiencing natural scenery means not only looking at certain images but being in the specific or conceptual moment of seasons, times and surroundings, thinking about the people living in the place and making the viewers minds and behaviors become completely immersed in the place. Maemuldo is a small island that holds great sceneries and dramatic places so people only hope for the best experience when they anticipate for their journey. Also being aware that Maemuldo is not a deserted island will help visitors realize the great state the island is in with so much liveliness. 

Understanding how people of Maemuldo have preserved the nature as it is and how they managed to live around it will be the most important attitude in accepting the great sceneries of Maemuldo as <resources>. Maemuldos beautiful natures values become concrete when you experience the seasonal sights, sunrise and sunsets, and the sea fog the people of Maemuldo have lived with for many years. <Natural Scenery> is the foundation of <Cultural Scenery> and only be experienced fully when you appreciate the concepty of <Cultural Scenery>

 Danggeum~Daehang Road-
From a small path between Danggeun and Daehand that holds many hidden tales, you can look over the seashore and to the other side, there lies a slope of a mountatin. This dirt trail is a natural formed trail by people and the journey becomes very precious when you encounter rocks with various shapes of rocks, hill and passes.

Janggunbong Trail-
A trail that begins from Daehang Villages extends through a bamboo grove, open terrain and forest path. You can tell that the borders formed with rocks and extending through a terraced roads were once used as a farm. Also, both sides of the open terrain is open to the sea and experience the feelings that the farmers must have had during their labor in the past. Looking at the sea through the trees that stand between the open train to the top of the trail will be a priceless moment in your journey.

Janggunbong Peak-
Flowers of the sea-When the wind blows strong and waves crash, you can see the beautiful white flowers the waves create.