Feel the harmony of nature, life and arts in Maemuldo! Maemuldo. The island of light and wind!

Getting to know Maemuldo

Maenuldo Outline-
Maemuldo is a lonely island in the distant southern sea. It is located at 34 degrees 38 minutes of north latitude and 28 degrees 34-35 minutes of east longitude on the southeast sea of Tongyeong, the Straits of Korea which is 18.26 nautical miles from Hansanmyeon sites. 
11.3km between Guns, 10.9km between Myeons and with the total area of the island 2.51km, Maemuldo is approximately 20km(60mi) from Tongyeong which is about an hour ride on the speedboat.

Somaemuldo Outline-
After sailing across the sea for an hour from Tongyeong which is called “Napoli of Korea”, an lonely island surrounded by cliffs stands still. For millions of years, wind and water must have abrased the island and it seems as though there lies numerous hidden tales between cliffs with their own shapes. This is Somaemuldo.
Also, a phrase “Seobul and Chaji” is carved in the island and the ancient story tells that Seoubul, the liege of the first emperor of China have stopped by Somaemuldo with 3,000 boys and 3,000 girls on his search for the elixir plant and carved the phrase after falling in love with the beauty of the island.
Somaemuldo consists of two islands that face each other and they separate and become one with tides. People live on one side and a lighthouse stands on the other side. The 70m long path between these two islands is called Yeolmokgae gravel road.
The sparkling gravel road that comes into view when the tide has receded is one of the great sights on this island. 
From the village at the top of the island and the path connected to the lighthouse is covered with shrub and meadows. In this place, Suk-ryeong (pearl millets) that resemble foxtails grows and the island boasts world’s largest habitat.

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  • 01_Maemuldo01_Maemuldo
  • 02_Somaemuldo02_Somaemuldo
  • 03_Geulshing-i Gangjeong (Geulshi Rock)03_Geulshing-i Gangjeong (Geulshi Rock)
  • 04_Kodolgae04_Kodolgae
  • 05_Kodolgae Sunset05_Kodolgae Sunset
  • 06_Nam-mae Rock06_Nam-mae Rock
  • 07_Janggunbong Trail07_Janggunbong Trail
  • 08_Janggunbong peak08_Janggunbong peak
  • 09_Resting area during the uphill pass09_Resting area during the uphill pass
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline
  • Maemuldo Outline